tcx boots


You walk a fine line when choosing a pair of moto boots. Weighing up comfort and protection as well as budget makes choices tricky. Finding a comfortable pair of boots these days is not difficult at all. Advances in technology have allowed the use of more ergonomically focused materials and improved protection. Some boots now are designed with pure performance in mind, offering fairly limited protection around the toe area, but an extremely comfortable boot with excellent ankle and impact protection. At DA, I might be riding a motocross track one day, then some rocky trails the next, so a comfortable pair of boots which offer protection across a range of riding styles and terrain is an important aspect. I have chosen the TCX Comp Evo Michelin for the last 9 or so months working at Dirt Action. I have to say I’m very happy with my choice. At first, I found the boots a tad stiff and the extra room around the toe area had me missing a few shift. It only took a ride or two to be completely comfortable in them however.


One of the unique features of the TCX Comp Evo is the Double Flex Control System. The PU joint in the ankle area offers a flexibility at the rear of the boot while avoiding overextension of the ankle joint.  The shin plate is adjustable to fit different knee guards and braces while being made of polyurethane for optimum protection.  Probably the most impressive part of the boots for me is the buckles. So many pairs of boots I have worn get to the age they are now and are a nightmare to fasten – not such a problem with the TCX boots. The buckles are still like new.  The construction of the base of the boot allows the footbed to be sewn directly onto the boot and using a high tenacity process, the Michelin sole is applied to the footbed. This allows them to be easily replaced when eventually worn. So far so good with the TCX Evo. – Matt Bernard