Product Review 6d Atr 2 Helmet

I’ve been fortunate to get my hands on a fresh 6D ATR-2. There’s no doubt the new colourway gets a lot of attention at the track and the new designs for 2023 are up there with the best on the market.
6D hit the market in 2013 with the ATR-1 helmet. That model featured an all-new ODS system, which is basically a shell-in-a-shell concept with nylon rubber/suspension strategically placed around the shell to slow down and reduce the impact in the event of a crash. The ATR-1 was known as one of the safest helmets on the market for years, and now the ATR-2 has taken that spot.
It isn’t the lightest or cheapest helmet on the market but it sure is the most comfortable helmet I’ve worn. At first, putting the ATR-2 on I felt a bit odd and I couldn’t hear as much going on around me (this is a good thing in big battles). But after being asked to wear another helmet, I couldn’t stand any other brand. I noticed other helmets have empty spaces in them. What I mean by this is there feels like a consistent pressure or coverage around my whole head with the 6Dand it really moulds to the shape of your head.
It’s hard to truly test or review a helmet until things go sideways and you hit your head hard enough to know it the helmet worked. I can say first-hand I’ve had a few crashes in my ATR-2 that I should not have been able to get up and walk away from, let alone get back on the bike, but I’ve never been knocked out in one. I can also say that I’ve seen it ensure that someone close to me is still here today, which may not have been the case if it wasn’t for the ODS system.
The one downfall I’ve found is on the hot summer days it lacks a bit of airflow and you run a bit hot-headed. If they were to advance the helmet further, I feel like there could be a better airflow design to make it a bit more breathable. But it’s a small thing to sacrifice for safety.
So if you’re looking for the most comfort and safety in a helmet, the 6D ATR-2 is what you need. If the price is a bit steep, the ATR-1 is the next best thing. – Mat McEntee