OGIO RIG T-3 Dirt Biking Bag – Gear Review

Ogio T3 Bag

Here at DIRT ACTION we have put a range of Ogio’s luggage to the test. From the OG 9800 to camera bags and overnight bags – heck we have dragged them around the world.

New from Ogio is the RIG T-3.

Ogio Dirt Biking Motorcross Gear Review at Dirt Action
Durable construction and thoughtfully designed features make the Rig perfect for all types of off-road dirt trail rides and adventures

The RIG T-3 is a 3-in-1 bag featuring separate and removable full-featured Head Case Helmet Bag and Boot Bags.

It’s extra-wide lid opening means easy access to gear and gear bags, plus the under lid storage.

The helmet case is accessible via opening the top panel only.

Ogia Rig T-3 Dirt Action Dirtbiking Gear Review Online in Australia
The ultimate case for your helmet and boots.

The T-3 features Ogio’s famous SLED System, also found on the popular Rig 9800, for increased durability and handling in any conditions.

This bag has heaps more features and is sure to be a favourite among frequent racers & weekend warriors alike.

Head to your local dealer or local online retailer for more information.

RRP: $659.95