New Product: Drift Innovation Stealth 2

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Small Camera. Big World.

What’s Included?
Introducing it’s 8th generation of cameras, the Drift Stealth 2 is the smallest and lightest Drift camera yet. Coming in at 80 x 42.6 x 27.4 mm and only 97g, this small camera can be carried with you anywhere and everywhere, so you are always ready to capture life from your perspective. The high quality 7-element lens provides an optical 135° field of view, no longer using a digital narrow angle, so objects appear closer and sharper. The Stealth 2 films in 1080p at 30fps with its Aptina CMOS sensor producing crystal clear high definition footage. The 3hr battery life, rotatable lens and aerodynamic design make the Drift Stealth 2 a unique POV camera. With its colour coded screen and LED you always know which camera mode you are in, creating a user friendly experience. The “Drift Connect” mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices, is the perfect tool for shot setup, remote-control recording, photo capture, playback and sharing from your mobile device. By using the universal clip, the Stealth 2 is compatible with the full range of Drift mounts. Two must-have accessories for your Stealth 2 are the Waterproof Case and the Two-Way Remote Control. The Waterproof Case allows you to take the weather-resistant Stealth 2 under water to the depths up to 40m and can provide additional protection when filming extreme action shots. The wrist mounted Two- Way Remote Control features the same colour code as displayed on the camera, making the Stealth 2 even easier to use.

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New Features

  • Half the size – The smallest and lightest Drift camera ever.
  • 40% lighter – Compact and aerodynamic.
  • 1080p at 30fps & 720p at 60fps – Record life in crystal clear high definition.
  • 300° Rotatable Lens – Mount the camera at any angle, always with a level shot.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Get full control of the camera using your mobile device.*
  • Easy to use – User friendly, colour coded screen & LED indicating shooting mode.
  • Long life battery – 1500mAh battery giving you 3 hours of recording time at 1080p


Product Type: Camera
Release Date: 29.07.14
UPC Code: 0610696084477
Product Name: Stealth 2
What’s Included: ∞ Drift Stealth 2 Camera
∞ Universal Clip
∞ Goggle Mount
∞ Flat Adhesive Mount
∞ Curved Adhesive Mount
∞ Micro USB Cable
∞ Quick Guide
Camera Weight: 97g
Camera Dimensions: 80.0 (L) x 42.6 (W) x 27.4 (D) mm
Packaging Weight: 375g
Packaging Dimensions: 148 (L) x 130.5 (W) x 60.5 (D) mm
Recommended Accessories: ∞ Two-Way Remote Control
∞ Stealth 2 Waterproof Case


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