Beta MY24 RR 300
Beta MY24 RR 300

Beta presents the MY2024 RR range. Carrying over many of the great characteristics found in the previous model year release, there has also been a number of significant new features introduced accross the range, as well as upgrades specific to certain engine sizes to maintain the supremacy of the Beta RR family.

Beta worked in close collaboration with enduro champions Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe to develop a host of small improvements on both the powertrain and the frame/suspension for the MY24 RR 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke models, to consolidate the already highly acclaimed characteristics of the previous generation. 

As always, the guiding philosophy of the engineers at Beta has been to not only increase the performance of the brand’s bikes, but to also make this performance even more accessible. So rather than major changes, this model year has gained a series of upgrades intended to consolidate all the outstanding qualities of each individual model.

Completing the picture are new graphics, which lend a zero-compromises racing look to the entire range.

The MY24 RR family is made up of eight different models, each with its own personality, to cater to the needs of a very diverse range of riders. There’s the perfect RR for every rider, but what every model has in common is an ability to instil confidence in the rider and offer a genuinely rewarding riding experience.

+ RR 125 2T
The smallest bike in the Beta range, it is the lightest and easiest to handle. In pure racing style, it is suitable for both young riders coming up from the smaller capacities and expert riders looking for a fun bike.

+ RR 200 2T
The chassis set-up and engine are derived from the 125cc, it’s extremely lightweight and features great handling, but with significantly greater torque and power. Oil injection and an electric starter makes this a complete bike, just perfect for Enduro enthusiasts.

+ RR 250 2T
Ideal for those looking for a gentler 2-stroke bike with slightly less power and torque than top- of-the-range 300cc models.

+ RR 300 2T
Made for those who appreciate a carbureted big bore 2T engine with significant and useable torque at any speed. Suitable for those who favor long gearing.

+ RR 350 4T EFI
This is the easiest-to-handle bike in the 4-stroke model range; it favors high-rev riding, yet retains a very linear power output.

+ RR 390 4T EFI
With an ideal handling to power ratio, its winning feature lies in its outstanding traction and big bore torque feel.

+ RR 430 4T EFI
A high-performance engine that is at its best when the rider exploits the long gearing and significant torque.

+ RR 480 4T EFI
This bike best expresses itself in wide open spaces. Its characteristics are similar to the 430 model but with even greater torque and power, suitable for more expert and physically fit riders.

The updates introduced for the MY24 RR range are summed up below:

+ New seat: the foam making up the seat has a different geometry and density to provide greater rider comfort. The greater support area and different composition of the materials now provide the rider with a much more comfortable point of contact with the bike.

+ Suspension: in addition to the continuous refinement of the suspension setup, the MY24 bikes feature lighter upper fork tubes, particularly in the area of engagement of the lower fork sliders. The different machining of the tubes is designed to provide controlled flexibility, which results in smoother damping of rough terrain and therefore significantly improved comfort and sensitivity.

+ New radiators: the 250 and 300 2-stroke models, as well as the whole four-stroke range, receive new lighter and tougher radiators, featuring shaped reservoirs in the upper section in order to allow the bike to achieve a greater steering angle. The new radiators, which provide better coolant circulation for improved vehicle cooling, feature a greater number of reinforcements, and are also equipped with a new non-plastic cap which is tougher and less exposed to potential impacts.

+ Brakes: the front braking system has received upgrades to the brake line. The line’s protective sheath is now fastened with dual crimping (at the top and bottom, previously it was only crimped at the bottom), allowing the brake line protection to better withstand the continuous stresses it is subjected to.

+ New graphics: the MY24 range does a U-turn on the simple, essential look which marked the previous bike. The completely new graphics have an aggressive, geometric, and modern look, achieved thanks to skilful use of the classic red, white, and black colours typical of this model, integrating perfectly with frame and plastics in the characteristic Beta red.

In addition to the upgrades introduced across the entire family are a number of improvements specific to certain 2-stroke and 4-stroke models, which take performance to even greater heights, including:

+ RR 300 2-Stroke: Main bearings: the 300 2-stroke engine now features roller bearings different from those of the previous model year, tougher and higher performance, and which improves engine reliability.

+ RR 4-Stroke
Traction control: the traction control sytem has been further refined by the Betamotor technicians. Through improved mapping, the system is now more precise in its operation, mitigating unwanted or overly invasive intervention.
Airbox: the airbox sleeve has had its geometry overhauled, and with it the airflow to the engine, to offer greater performance at medium to high engine speeds, while maintaining the torque at low speeds which was obtained with the introduction of the current exhaust manifold. This innovation now allows for ‘full-blooded’ power delivery along the entire curve.

++ MY24 Beta RR models are due to arrive at Australian dealers in September 2023. Pricing will be confirmed closer to arrival date.

Beta MY24 RR 350 4 Stroke
Beta MY24 RR 350 4 Stroke
Beta MY24 RR 300 2 Stroke
Beta MY24 RR 300 2 Stroke
Beta MY24 RR 200 2 Stroke
Beta MY24 RR 200 2 Stroke