Moss 1

“We are super keen and excited to announce the return and comeback of Matt Moss.” Announced Scott Fischer of KSF Racing on the PostMoto podcast.

It’s been almost four years since Matt was handed a ban for testing positive to a prohibited substance and will return to racing in May 2020.

“Irrespective of what has been in the past, we are going to rock up to Maitland when he is free to ride and gets his licence back and do an outdoor race with him and then full-on bang into Supercross.”

The KSF Racing team will focus on Supercross with Moss and utilise his experience to offer up and coming riders support and knowledge.

“We are talking to another couple of riders and part of our deal with Matt is that he will take a mentor role to those riders coming through and again, position himself with us to that we can help these guys early on to secure that next step. We are pretty pumped.” Finished Fischer.

Listen to the podcast below.