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Honda Racing Family member; Jed Beaton, made an impressive debut this weekend in his first MX2 race with HRC at the MXGP of Czech Republic.

Having not been overly pleased with his qualifying result yesterday and with a better understanding of the MX2 class, Beaton went out today to show HRC what he is capable of. His start in the first race was poor and made more difficult with a sodden track which; mid-pack, left riders caked in mud. Having used all his tear-offs whilst battling for positions, he stripped his goggles off 15 minutes into the race and fought on to take 14th. Jed performed much better in his second race, having a bad start but managing to quickly cut his way through the pack, Beaton quickly got into 12th place. From there he went from strength to strength, with lap times increasing as the race went on and latching onto other MX2 riders his determination and consistency earnt him a well-deserved ninth place finish.

Beaton 1

“Today was a good day for me. Like I said I wanted to improve every time I rode and that is exactly what I did this weekend. I know I just need to improve my starts as I didn’t have a good gate today and as a result I had to put in a lot of extra work to get the results. In the first race, I had to lose my goggles 15 minutes into the race but the race was not so bad. The second race the track had dried out and it was so much better and it was a better result. I just tried to ride consistently ride and maintain my speed and positions.” Jed Beaton.

The series now takes a one week break before Jed Beaton remounts the CRF250RW machine to return for his second MX2 race.

Beaton 2