Jack Field

In a crazy promotional stunt for the up-coming Monster Energy Aus-X Open in Melbourne, Australian Jack Field has completed the worlds highest backflip. Field launch his Husqvarna upside-down on the roof of Eureka Tower in Melbourne, flipping 297.3 metres high.

“I’ve done some pretty insane things in my life, but this certainly takes the cake in terms of nuts!” Field, the former world Number 1 Freestyle Trials Champion exclaimed.

“When the guys running the Monster Energy AUS-X Open Melbourne called me up with the idea I thought, well we’re always trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a motorbike and this is right up there!”

Dan Reardon, 5-time Australian Supercross Champion and competitor in each of the AUS-X Open events since the event’s inception in 2015, said the stunt was a true representation of what to expect on November 30 at Marvel Stadium.

Dan Reardon Aus X Open
5-Time Australian Supercross Champion, Dan Reardon

“That was crazy to see a bike backflipping nearly 300 meters on top of this awesome building in the heart of Melbourne,” Reardon said.

“This stunt perfectly depicts what the Monster Energy AUS-X Open is all about, high energy, jaw dropping moments and the most insane action on dirtbikes you’ll ever see.”

“If you haven’t got tickets to Marvel Stadium on November 30, get onto Ticketmaster now and lock it in. You won’t want to miss this!”

Head to www.ausxopen.com for more information.