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2024 YCF Range

The 2024 range sees refinements across the board, with some new models added to the already vast range, embodying the brand’s ethos of ‘A bike for any age, size or skill!’.

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The new YCF BIGY 190 Factory Daytona XL features a 19/16″ wheelset for a true ‘BIG’ bike feel.

New for 2024 is the YCF BIGY XL Factory 150E MX and the YCF BIGY XL F190 MX, which both feature 19/16″ wheel sets for a true ‘BIG bike’ feel! This is the first time YCF models have featured a larger wheel set and is an exciting addition to an already extensive range.

The popular YCF 50A models now feature two mounting options on the swingarm for the monoshock, giving riders the ability to adjust the bike’s height when needed. On top of that, the YCF 50A sees an adjustable side stand, height adjustable top triple clamp and new plastics and graphics
in green, pink and orange.

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The popular YCF 50A range now features an adjustable monoshock mount, adjustable side stand and height-adjustable top triple clamp so riders can adapt the bike to their changing needs.

YCF models fitted with the high-performance Daytona® Anima 190 engine have been upgraded to a Daytona® Anima 190 SYS variant that features shorter 3rd & 4th gear rations for faster acceleration.

2024 YCF models will be arriving in YCF dealerships from March 2024.
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2024 Prices