Kyle! How’s life in the Netherlands?

Hey! Yeah, it’s been great so far. We have done the tourist thing and ridden bicycles all around Amsterdam the first day we got here, and then just driven around the Netherlands to a couple of tracks.

I saw some footage of you riding a fairly gnarly sand track during the week. How was it to shake off the jet lag?

Yeah we went to two different tracks, one in Arnhem and the other was some where near Velhoven. It was really good fun to ride some proper sand again. The tracks over here are just was more open and flowing rather then the ones in Australia. I was definitely feeling a little bit rusty the first day, haha, but I got rid of that pretty quickly.

You certainly didn’t look rusty… You are riding a 114 Motorsports bike here, how has that come about?

Haha, thank you! I just felt tired mainly. Yeah! It’s a great bike. Well honestly. I think Mark Luksich just got in contact with the team and worked out a deal for me to use their bike for this week and the race. I don’t know much of the details haha

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Your job is just to ride it fast!

That’s it! Hopefully I can do a good job of that 😆

I’m sure you will make us proud mate! Are you approaching this weekend any different to a regular race?

That’s my goal! Um, not really. I don’t really know what expect. Like, I know there are the best guys in the world, and tonnes of people there, but I have no idea where I’ll be in the mix of it so as long as I keep it together I think I’ll be fine!

Word on the street is that you are already in negotiations with some teams here in Australia for 2020. If a ride in Europe was offered, would you take it?

Yeah I am, I can’t go in to much detail about that haha. But, for sure I feel like it would have to be the right move for me and a good structure, then yeah, I would definitely love to come over here.

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How’s the food? Are veggies the same in the Netherlands? 😉

Hahah! Yeah the food has actually been really good 😂 I do have my girlfriend with me, and she can find good food anywhere so it’s been great.

Good to hear! How much different is the bike you have there to home in Australia?

It’s a bit stronger off the bottom, but I think mine has more top-end power. But the bike here is definitely nice. I feel it’s a bit easier to ride because the power is there straight away

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Good for the sand!

Oh yes!! Exactly what’s needed 😂

Best of luck over there mate! All of Australia is behind you!

Thank you very much! I can’t wait 😊