Ferris Mxon

Thanks for taking the time to chat Dean, where are you currently?

In the Netherlands, about 20 minutes from Assen. Groningen.

What have you been up to since arriving for the MXON? Have you shipped your Aussie bike over, or building a bike up from parts?

I hung out with Kyle and some of the team Australia personnel yesterday. Some light training for day 1 over here and just shaking the jet lag and enjoying the culture while we’re here.
Today we’ll be building a bike up with my parts from Raceline. I’ll lend a hand where I can because we only have today to get it built.

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A comfortable Dean, is a fast Dean, you must take some confidence in the fact that you are bringing your parts from Australia to this event, rather than getting on a bike you need to learn.

For sure. I’ve been in this situation a few times, where I could choose to race another bike but I really wanted my bike, so Team Australia shipped all my parts so I’d be comfortable.

Would it be fair to say you have some unfinished business with the MXON?

I wouldn’t say that, I just really like representing Australia and being part of this event. I’d be stoked though if I could be part of an overall podium for the team. That would be super special.

With two sand specialists as your team mates, some of the focus has been on them. But mate, you’re not slouch at Assen. 9th overall in at the MXGP 2015, against some big names.

Yeah I’ve spent a few years living over here so I have some experience. I’ll be pulling on that, as we have nothing in Australia that could really prepare us for this race. We just have to be fit and able to adapt quickly.

Kyle and Regan will be able to learn a lot from you in such a short time, almost like having a mentor and a team mate. Do you think that will be a benefit as a team unit?

Hopefully haha. Being the old dog now, I’ll be sharing everything I can with them. But, they are still quite experienced and know what to do.
It’s more just collaborating about our race strategy this weekend.

Everyone back home is itching see you guys do battle – best of luck mate!

Thanks mate. We’re keen to do battle also. Looking forward to it.