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What a great weekend at the MXON Kyle! Where to start? Give us a run down of the vibe of the event…

Thank you! Well, it was definitely something I’ll remember for the rest of my life! It’s was bloody insane how big the whole event was and how crazy the the fans and atmosphere is. I can’t even explain it.

Watching the coverage on the stream, it was almost like the commentators had to Google who this Aussie was, you turned some heads mate!

I still haven’t gone back and watched but I have heard they were fans of team Australia! It’s funny a lot of people in the pits loved the Aussies. I feel like I rode well but the end results didn’t show. I was devastated when I got stuck in the mud in the first race. Took me a whole lap to get it out.

Team 17 Mxon Nl 2019

They showed that on the stream – I think I woke up the neighborhood yelling at the TV! Were you the lead 250 at that point?

Ah I was was screaming 😂 I can’t imagine what the guy who was helping me get it out was thinking. Yeah, I was actually, that was pretty cool!
I managed to get passed a few of the top guys and then a few of the 450s got by me but it was all going well up until that point

You charged back though, although Justin Cooper had some bike problems, you pulled away from him and made your way through the pack.

Yeah I felt like that was the best I rode all weekend. But I guess when Being that far back I wasn’t really thinking about anything other then catching up.

It’s was bloody insane how big the whole event was and how crazy the the fans and atmosphere is. I can’t even explain it.

Did you surprise yourself with your raw speed?

A little bit, especially in the qualifying race. Normally I struggle the first couple laps but I didn’t seem to on the weekend! I was quite happy with that.

How integral was Ferris’ experience with the gnarly conditions? Along with Team Manager Michael Byrne.

It was really good. Honestly there wasn’t too much to say other then get a good start and try keep the goggles clean. That was pretty damn hard though. I did have to make a couple stops to change goggles.

It looked horrible, you ripped some great starts though, that bike must have had some ponies.

Oh, it was! Yeah I did, it was very strong, had a lot of bottom-end and just great power. It was a little bit hard to get a proper gauge on it due to how soft the track was

Mx2 Start Mxon Nl 2019
Mx2 Start Mxon Nl 2019

So what’s next mate? Will you race supercross?

Yeah. I’ll start riding some supercross again in a couple days. I’m just still feeling so average from the plane trip! But I’ll be there at round one.

Congrats on an awesome showing at MXON mate, you did the country proud! Catch you at a supercross soon!

Thank you! I hope I can go again, it was an awesome experience. Yeah, I’ll see ya there!