Gp1 Evo Ecu

Simply put, the GET GP1-EVO ECU, created and designed by Athena Evolution, is one of the most technologically advanced tools in use in the sport of motocross today – and many don’t even know what it is. The GET GP1-EVO ECU, or engine control unit, regulates the engines in today’s single-cylinder, non-battery dirt bikes. In use by many of the professional racers and teams competing around the world, including KTM/Red Bull Factory Racing, RCH Factory Suzuki, Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Yoshimura Suzuki and JGR Toyota Yamaha, the GET GP1-EVO ECU is widely recognized as the industry standard for ECUs in the sport today.

With a variety of engine mappings available, the device is truly plug-and-play ready. Simply plug into your bike’s current system and choose a setting to begin seeing an immediate increase in engine performance. Designed for a rate of 300 RPM more than standard RPM values, these preset mappings have been expertly designed and calibrated for factory bikes with stock exhaust systems – so you may need to customize your ECUs settings to match your customized rig. Fortunately, the GET GP1-EVO ECU makes this process as simple as can be.

Having only limited software or hardware knowledge, a rider can easily adjust many of the GET GP1-EVO ECU’s settings on their own. The device gives you full control over injection times, rev limiters, throttle position derivatives and injection phases, shifter cut-off times and timeouts, start strategies, and more. Riders or mechanics will be able to set all output and input parameters, and an integrated CAN BUS line allows you to connect the device to data acquisition systems you may already be using. Auxiliary speed sensor inputs are also present.

One of the most unique – and valuable – functions of the GET GP1-EVO ECU is the device’s GPA (GET Power Assistance) System. This allows you to manage your engine’s power output to match the terrain and conditions of the current track. All of this can be toggled at the flip of a switch, so you will be able to take advantage of the GET Power Assistance System at any time during a race. The GET GP1-EVO ECU comes preloaded with two separate engine maps, each of which is designed to maximize the overall performance of your bike. It does this by providing faster throttle response times, improved torque, and by allowing increased power output over other ECUs. An included switch, which is mounted to your handlebar, lets you easily switch between engine mappings – even during the middle of a race.


  • Easy and quick plug & play fitting
  • Improve your engine performance (the preset maps are developed for stock bikes with Racing exhaust)
  • Better throttle response
  • Our maps are developed with a maximum 300 RPM more than the standard RPM value (can be changed with the programming tools)
  • WiFi-COM technology ready (interface included)
  • Dynamic power management with the  GET Power Assistance GPA system (switch included)
  • 2nd injector ready
  • Customizable Map settings
  • 2 maps with real-time switch on the handlebar (Switch included)
  • Quick shifter management (sensor and loom not included)
  • Specific LC1-EVO Lambda input to allow oxygen measurement in the exhaust gas.

Please note image to be used as a reference only; each model may vary slightly depending on bike fitment. 

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