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Every motocross track has berms, whether they are man made or formed during a race, berms are an essential part of a track. Here’s 5 tips to help get around berms safely and quickly.


Chose your line early. If you are heading to the berm, rather than the inside, make that call early. You can carry a lot more speed into a berm than you can into a flat turn. Complete all your braking in the standing position with your weight towards the rear of the bike. Keep your bike gripped with the knees and look towards the berm.


At the entry of the berm, remain in the standing position. By now you will have washed off all the speed necessary. Look towards the mid part of the turn and prepare to sit.


Lift your inside leg off the peg and sit at the front of the seat. Keep your weight leaning with the bike, rather than on top of the bike as you would with a flat corner. At this point you want to begin to turn the throttle and keep your body weight over the front of the bike. As you apply more throttle keep your head forward and look towards the exit of the turn.


As you and the bike exit the turn, it’s time to twist that throttle, but keep it nice and smooth! Keep your weight forward and your vision nice and high looking towards the next obstacle on the track. By keeping your bike on the correct line you will be able to carry your momentum into the next section.


You don’t need to stay on the berm for it’s entirety. By turning tightly off the berm, or ‘squaring’ it up, you are able to turn off and accelerate in a straight line. This technique involves using a more aggressive riding style, using the same principles as above, but turning the bike much more sharply, occasionally using the rear brake to help slide the bike around. Once you have turned off and have the bike pointing sharply, you are able to stand the bike up straight and apply full throttle. It’s a great way to make a pass or to miss a bump or hole in the track.