Gear Review: Gaerne SG-12 Boots



I have had been wearing a pair of SG-10 boots for almost two years now. The only part that has totally given way is the rubber on the inside of the boot that is now managing to wear out my graphics. Other than that, the white boots are beginning to discolour and starting to look a bit tatty. Structurally speaking, however, the SG-10s have still got some life left in them. In photos they have begun to show their wear and, luckily for me, the guys at Cassons have updated my ankle protectors with a pair of their top-of-the-line boots, the SG-12. This is simply an introductory review; I am yet to wear these boots anywhere but around the office (yes, I got some funny looks) to break them in a little. They are an extremely well-made pair of boots. One of the most notable features on the SG-12 is the Dual Stage Pivot System. This system is revolutionary and exclusive to Gearne. The first pivot is attached to the “razorback”. This provides a rigid component that offers a strong lateral support while a glide plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position.

The gaiter around the top of the boot is made from a Swiss breathable fabric called Acronos and is designed to keep dirt from entering the boot. The toe cap, toe box and heel cup are new, the heel designed to absorb shock and the toe cap is reinforced to be stronger. The toe box, or front of the boot, is designed to offer better feel of the gear lever. The shin guard is designed to fit perfectly and is also adjustable. I was always a mega-fan of the SG-10 buckles, and the SG-12 have a similar and simple four-buckle design which get’s the thumbs up from me. I’m itching to get on the bike in these and give a full rundown in a couple of issues time. – Matt Bernard

RRP: $699.95