I am super fussy when it comes to boots and helmets, especially the old brain bucket. I like a comfortable fit and to know that if everything goes pear-shaped, I’m as safe I can possibly be. When searching for that in a helmet, it’s pretty hard to go passed a Shoei VFX-W. The fit is one of the most impressive aspects of the Shoei, helmet fitment is a personal thing, we aren’t all built the same, so it stands to reason that not everything will fit – I’m a Shoei guy. It’s as if the VFX-W is meant for my particular skull, I have tried a huge range of helmets since working at the magazine and very few have come to the level of comfort as the VFX-W. The cheek pads seem to wrap around my face in the perfect way, it’s hard to pinpoint what it is, but it just fits. The shell is constructed from high performance fibres to create a lightweight, rigid and resilient shell for that first layer of protection. You head is kept cool by extracting warm air and forcing in the cool air through front and rear air vents. I’ve been wearing the Shoei for around six months now, and I honestly can’t fault it. I went the matte black Hectic TC-4 design and although I was worried it would scratch up and look ratty after riding in the bush, it’s still looking as good as the day I first put it on. – Matt Bernard

RRP: $899.95