We have been using the GoPro Karma Drone at most of our shoots in the last month or so. It’s been an integral part of our content creation. I approached GoPro about using one the Karma purely as a drone, but it is so much more. Honestly, I haven’t used the drone an awful lot, maybe ten times. I’m still getting the hang of it. When I have, it’s been easy to use and the footage has been mint. However, what you get with the GoPro Karma is so much more than a drone. For the price tag of many other drones on the market, you get a GoPro Hero 5, the GoPro Karma Grip and of course the Karma drone. The Karma Grip is absolutely magic, you can be on the side of the track and move briskly and erratically still grabbing some nice and smooth footage. It all comes in a purpose-built backpack. We recently headed into the trails with just the Karma and managed to grab video, photos, drone footage and some on-board action all out of the one backpack – pretty awesome. We will be testing the Karma a lot more in the coming months, so check back and keep an eye out for a range of content created on the Karma. – Matt Bernard



1x Hero5 Black Action Camera

1x Karma Drone

1x Karma Controller w/ Touch Display

1x Karma Stabiliser

1x Karma Grip Handle

1x Karma Harness (for Hero 5 Black)

1x Karma Charger

1x Karma Battery

6x Propellers

1x Karma Mounting Ring

1x The Frame (for Hero 5 Black)

1x Karma Case