Some products just work, just fit and are hard to fault for certain riders. For me, the Shoei VFX-WR is the helmet that I really can’t fault. I have been lucky to wear the last few versions of the Shoei VFX range, most recently the VFX-WR. The Shoei VFX-WR feature’s Shoei’s new M.E.D.S technology, along with the varying densities of foam in the impact absorbing liner, the M.E.D.S offers the best possible protection in the event of an impact. The insert liner swings anchored by a centre column to reduce rotational acceleration energy. The Shoei VFX-WR has reduced rotational energy by 15% when compared to the previous models. Safety is the main thing to reference when it comes to a helmet, but second is comfort.

Shoei 2

The Shoei is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn, it just fits me perfectly. As soon as I slide it on, it’s the perfect fit. I can’t fault a thing about the fitment of the helmet. The goggle port is nice and wide, I have been wearing Oakley AirBrake goggles most of the year and they’re quite a large goggle – no problems at all in the Shoei VFX-WR. After 12 months wearing the Josh Grant replica paint job, it still in great condition and luckily for me, I am now the proud owner of a matte-black version as well! Thanks Shoei! . – Matt Bernard