All new for 2019, the Gaerne GX1 is a mid-level boot that comes in at a significantly lower price point than that of its SG10 & SG12 big brothers.

Don’t however let this fool you into believing that you are not receiving a high-quality product, as the Italian manufacturer has delivered on technology and styling that features some of the best protection and performance in the market these boots are placed.

Featuring a structural support system that consists of two lugs that slide inside designated pockets, the GX1 has been developed to avoid front and rear over or “hyperextension” while providing the required amount of flex forwards and backwards to make sure that bike and rider feel is not jeopardised.

With a large stamped suede area on the inside of the calf, you are greeted with increased grip and heat resistance over comparatively price boots in the market. The buckle system is looked after by the way of 4 aluminium buckles (the same as the top end range) that make for an easy, fast and precise closure. These units are 100% replaceable and by lengthening the first two buckles on the top of the boot, it is possible to make the top of the boot wider to accommodate our larger friends or a bulky knee-brace.

Img 0252

The GX1 features a traditional sole (which can be fixed by a boot maker as opposed to a moulded sole) with a high grip Goodyear rubber compound, offering increased durability, superior grip and that perfect feeling while riding.

Img 0255

With five different colorways and an RRP of $399.95, the GX1 should be high on your list if you are a in the market for a new mid-range boot for any off-road application.

Keep an eye out on the site in the coming months as we get some time in on these units and offer our feedback on how they hold up and perform!