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FORTH Riding Gear

From the minds of the team that brought you the industry standard in glove technology, the team at Fist Handwear have developed what they believe is the pinnacle in riding gear for the modern MX rider.
Launching today with an industry-leading range of Jerseys, pants, gloves and casual wear, the FORTH range will go live on the brand’s website at 4.44 pm.

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Forth Riding Gear

Having spent countless months researching the pros and cons of multiple brands’ products, noting what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved on, the Chapter 1 Range from FORTH is set to turn heads both on the professional circuit and the local track on any given weekend.

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Forth MX Riding Gear

“What we wanted to do was make some sick gear that ticks all the boxes for our pro riders as well as the folks riding on the weekends. We wanted to stay as far away from the underwear-looking mesh stuff you see around but maintain high-end tech features like breathability and form-fitted shaping to keep flexibility – we even added a phone pocket! – but still the range is super durable so it will last. Utilizing crew like Harry Bink and Toppdog (Scott Fitzgerald) who everyone knows ride their equipment to the limit, as
well as partnering up with the team at Rising Motorsport, for durability testing, has allowed us to come up with what we feel is the best gear on the market. We can’t wait for the public to get its hands on it!”

– Sam Moore

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Forth MX Riding Gear

The FORTH range will be available on the brand’s website and will be live at 4.44 pm today!