Feature: Inside Dylan Wills’ Husqvarna FC250

Feature: Inside Dylan Wills Husqvarna FC250

MB-0316Jess Foreman at All Pro Racing has worked closely with Dylan Wills and the Synep Racing team to develop his 2017 race bike.

Dylan has worked closely with Kenny Wheeler at Factory Spec suspension to develop a setting he’s comfortable with.

MB-0374Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro exhaust helps unleash the Husqvarna’s power and saves weight over standard.

Synep Racing use and trust Pirelli tyres for all their riders in 2017.

MB-2-7Extra holes in the side panel allow more airflow to the Funnelweb airfilter to keep the FC250 breathing freely.

MB-2Acerbis X-Ultimate hand guards protect Dylan’s hands from roost as well as looking trick.

MB-0366The Acerbis X-Brake 2.0 Disc Cover offers protection to the front brake, while offering vents for improved cooling.

MB-0376That titanium Pro Circuit header is a work of art. The Acerbis frame guards keep the frame in good condition and offer extra grip on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle: Husqvarna FC250
Team: Synep Racing Husqvarna
Build: Jess Foreman – All Pro Racing
Disc Guard: Acerbis X-Brake 2.0
Plastics: Acerbis
Handlebars: ODI
Graphics: Moto Kit
Hand Guards: Acerbis X-Ultimate
Tyres: Pirelli Mid-Soft MX32
Exhaust: Pro Circuit Ti6 Pro
Ignition: Vortex
Engine Internals: Stock
Clutch Cover: Husqvarna Parts
Air Filter: Funnel Web Filters
Oils: Motul
Skid Plate: Acerbis
Frame Guards: Acerbis X-Grip