Toby Price Red Bull Ktm Factory Racing 2018 Merzouga Rally (2)

As the timing and scoring was released, Australian Toby Price had charged into 2nd overall in the Marzouga Rally. Unfortunately, due to a protest regarding the road book, Price has been relegated to 6th overall.

“I had made a half decent race and got lost a few times along the way which is very damn normal in rally racing!” Price stated on Facebook, he started the stage in 5th,  won the stage and moved into 2nd position overall.

“Because around 12 people got lost in this section and people complained about the roadbook, they have now cut the stage from waypoint #90!,  So just had a meeting with them and the exact same thing happened to me and lots others on day one because the roadbook was not correct.” 

“We all had the same roadbook, nobody was at an advantage or disadvantage just like we all had on day 1, plus in rally racing it’s impossible to make a roadbook 100% accurate so why can stuff like this get changed cause a few got lost?”.

Stage five, the final of the rally, will see riders start in a group before heading out into the short 50km stage. Consisting of 100 per cent dunes, tomorrows special will still require ultimate concentration and good navigation.