Dirt Action is running its first-ever Fantasy MX tipping comp


Whether you’re a stats wizard perfecting your betting technique, or just looking to one-up a few mates, our first-ever Australian fantasy MX comp is the place to do it.

Rules of the Comp

Welcome to the 2019 Dirt Action Mx Nationals Fantasy League, your destination for Australian Motocross fantasy! For the first time ever, we are providing another platform for you to engage and add interest to the country’s premier motocross racing series!

Sign up to create your profile and choose a nickname to easily identify yourself on the leader board. Get selecting for a chance to win round prizes, and fight for season points to win overall season prizes.


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How to Play: Playing is simple and fun and just like the riders doing battle on the track, score the most points and you win! Here’s how:
1. Sign up and create your account.
2. Pick your team each round. Teams will consist of 2 riders in the MX1 class, 2 riders in the MX2 class and 2 riders in the MXD class.
1. Think of yourself as a team manager, that has the liberty to change riders every weekend. Pick riders that are local to the track, or have been showing form of late to maximise your overall point score.
3. LOCK IN your team. Once your picks are made, they are final so make sure you are confident before clicking that button.

Wildcard: All 3 classes will have an additional wildcard rider for each round. This is a 3rd pick for each class that is based purely on a finish position, decided by the team at DIRT ACTION. Each class will have a different wildcard position, based on a rider’s overall finish for that particular round.
1. Eg. RND 1, MX1 Wildcard (11th Place):
1. If you select the rider who finishes in 11th place overall, you will be awarded with a perfect weekend score (equivalent of 1st place in all motos for the round).
2. As an example, last year at Appin’s round, Joel Wightman finished in 11th place with 11, 11 moto finishes, meaning had you chosen Joel, you would have bagged an additional 75 points!
3. There is no penalty for choosing incorrectly, but a massive payoff if you can lock down that wildcard!
Happy bench racing, and best of luck for the 2019 season!

Contact: Please contact us at dirtaction.mxcomp@gmail.com for any questions, concerns, comments or problems with your account.

Entry implies acceptance into the terms and conditions viewable here

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Entry is open to Residents of Australia only. Results are calculated at the conclusion of each round. User tipping scores are sent by email at the end of each round – add ‘newsletter@universalmagazines.com.au’ to your address book to avoid missing out. Dirt Action and its affiliates takes no responsibility for beers bought as a result of losing to mates.

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