Ferris Ktm

After an injury stumbled his MXGP fill-in position with Monster Energy Yamaha and a potential ride with JGR Factory Suzuki not being finalised, Dean Ferris will return to the MX Nationals this weekend on-board a KTM.

Ferris will sport the number-one plate with support from the factory outlet, Raceline and new energy supplement Recover8.

“After all the craziness of flying here there and everywhere overseas, I just gave him (Recover 8 team) a call when I got home and asked if there was anything we can do, I need support and I would really like to go racing.” Dean Ferris said on the Oz Moto Podcast.

30032019 Ferris
Dean Ferris during his fill-in with Monster Energy Yamaha in the MXGP.

“I’m in the clear (with the knee injury), so it was a slight tear of the MCL or a strain if you want to call it. I got a professional opinion over there and they said it would feel average for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately that’s when those Grand Prix’s were. So, I packed it up and headed home and got some good rehab,”

The rumours were strong that Dean was linked to JGR Factory Suzuki in the USA after Weston Peick was injured and Chad Reed had signed a Supercross only deal, although it hasn’t panned out, at this stage, the way Dean had hoped.

“Right now as we are talking, there still could be an opportunity come up in the USA and I have my fingers crossed that it might all work out.”

“I’m still committed to opportunities that come, but we will see. I am kind of playing it by ear, right now I am excited to be going racing at Murray Bridge.”

“It was Suzuki that I thought I would be riding for, obviously you would have seen on my social media I was rode a Suzuki here before I left. Don’t really know what happened, but it hasn’t turned out the way I thought it was going to.”

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