Dean Ferris Ktm
Photo: M33 Productions

Dean Ferris has announced via social media that he will race the final 3 rounds of the Pirelli MX Nationals with Recover8 Raceline KTM.
“Every decision I’ve made this year has led me back to this and I’m grateful this crew have eagerly jumped back on board to race the final 3 rounds of Australian MX Nationals together”
“I get that there’s some mixed responses and opinions out there about my departure from AMA / Yamaha, Not really surprising given how many attempts I made this year to make it work! But for whatever reason it just wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes you gotta make the best of the cards you have left and instead of focusing on all of the could and should haves, It was time to let go of the hope it could be any different, accept it for what it is and now I can clearly see that I am exactly where I was obviously supposed to end up.”
“Picked up my bike this morning and instantly gelled with it 👌🏼 Stoked to have ‘that feeling’ back and am looking forward to mixing it up with the boys in a couple weeks time!”
“Huge thanks to Recover8 Raceline, Fox Racing, Guy Andrews, Integrated Sports and Spinal, Renae and everyone else making this all possible.”