Cobra Feature

American-based motorcycle manufacturer Cobra MOTO has taken the plunge into the world of electric motocross bike, announcing this impressive mini-motocross weapon.

“The entire Cobra team has been working incredibly hard,” said Sean Hilbert, Cobra’s president. “We are never going to stray from our core mission of manufacturing the finest youth competition vehicles in the world, and we have been laser focused on the emerging technologies that will help define our evolving market into the future.”

Cobra 3

Hilbert continued, “The all-new products we are debuting this year at the AIMExpo will revolutionize youth racing on two wheels.”

Cobrea 1

The Cobra CX-E5 is the company’s first battery electric motorcycle, and it is designed to compete in the future Electric Limited youth classes in AMA competition. It features similar performance levels to the Cobra 50cc internal combustion engine and is due to be sold in 2021.