The Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Racing Team has been working closely with Chad’s Off-Road Setups in the pre-season to ensure the Team is ready for the challenges of the upcoming 2018 off-road racing season.

“It’s great to be associated with the Motul Pirelli Sherco Team,” said Chad Talbot of Chad’s Off-Road Setups. “I enjoy working with the riders and to be honest, working on the bikes is a pleasure. These bikes are so good out of the crate there really isn’t that much to setting them up for racing for most riders. When it comes to really pushing the boundaries like the riders on the Motul Pirelli Sherco Team who are at the elite level, I have great products from XTRIG and MX-Tech to get the fastest riders comfortable on the roughest terrain.”

Chad’s Off-Road Setups has been working with the Team for the past three years and has built up unrivalled experience and invaluable knowledge on the entire range of Sherco enduro motorcycles.

“The riders on the Motul Pirelli Team are pushing it hard at the very pointy end of competition, which is world-class fast in Australia right now,” Chad continued. “So, we’ve got some extra-trick parts for their bikes including the very cool XTRIG ROCS triple clamps and the MX-Tech XPLR internals for the 48mm WP Xplor fork. We’ve also fitted MX-Tech triple adjusters to the shock for increased range of adjustment. These products allow me to really nail down on the fine-tuning to offer plush action over the small bumps and chatter while offering controlled resistance on the big hits.”

Chad’s Off-Road Setups has been instrumental in fine-tuning the Team bikes for the specific needs of Australian Off-Road Championship racing while simultaneously working on setups for desert racing when the Team will contest the Hattah and Finke Desert Races in the middle of the year.

“Chad’s knowledge and the way he goes about setting the bikes up is instrumental to our Team’s performance,” said Motul Pirelli Sherco Team manager Derek Grundy. “He has a lot of experience when it comes to race setup and he understands what our riders need. With our pre-season testing delivering excellent results, we’re confident we’re entering 2018 with the best setup Sherco race bikes ever.”

The Motul Pirelli Sherco Team will field four different bikes across a wide range of race events in 2018 with Chad’s Off-Road Setups responsible for preparing the suspension for 250 SE-R and 300 SE-R two-strokes and 300 SEF-R and 450 SEF-R four-strokes.

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