Grant Reynolds is better known as Fifty Six Clix around the motocross industry, he takes a mean photo and has been published in Dirt Action many times. He is an avid staffy lover, has a bad arse vintage car and most importantly, a pair of Kawasaki two-strokes take pride of place in his collection. I was desperate for a ride on his KX125 and Grant didnt take much convincing to let it happen.

KX125 6

“I purchased the KX125 for $1100 and it already had a black frame and swing. But it had more hits than Elvis and was a bit of a basket case. I took it to Glenn Macdonald at Garage 36 and we stripped it down and got the frame and swing arm acid dipped. Once that was complete  I got the frame powder coated black and polished up the swing arm with abrasive sanding pads.”

KX125 2

Sitting on the stand, it looks very, very trick. Although it’s ridden and spent plenty of time at race tracks, it’s an excellent example of a Kawasaki KX125.

“Engine-wise, it’s got a Pro Circuit works pipe and Pro Circuit R304 muffler with PC clutch and ignition covers and we added a Vortex ignition. The Engine was pulled apart and the cases split to make sure it was in tip-top condition. I replaced every chassis and engine bolt  as well as every bearing. I couldn’t help but get the forks Kashima coated for that factory finish, the linkages were soda blasted back to brand new. I fitted a 2013 model front fender as well as black plastics and the graphics were done by Moto Kit.”

KX125 5

I jumped onto Grant’s 125 as soon as I could. Firing it into life presented a crisp and alive engine. I ripped out onto Appins track for a few laps. It only took about three turns to be having fun on this KX125. You do sit a little more “in” the bike which is a reminder of the bikes 10-year age, but the engine and handling was brilliant.  The suspension was set for a similar weight to me, so I was confident to have some fun on the screaming 125.

KX125 4

More people should ride bikes like this, the KX125 is a brilliant bike and a bucket load of fun. There is still plenty around on the market for a decent price.  It’s so light and nimble and a solid reminder of my loss of finesse when it comes to precise gear shifts and clutch and control. It was almost a training session in everything I had forgotten about riding.

KX125 3

If you can’t afford the latest 250F, jump on a 125, you might struggle to pull a holeshot, but you will most certainly have the biggest smile in the pits.