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The Yamaha WR250F Is all-new for 2025

After riding Yamaha’s all-new 2024 model YZ250F earlier in the year, we knew we’d be seeing Yamaha roll out the WR version a year later. We’ve just received the news that an all-new WR250F is on its way Down Under very soon. We loved riding the 2024 YZ250F, and we’re excited to get our hands on the 2025 WR250F when it lands. If the YZ is anything to go by, this enduro weapon is going to be one awesome machine.

Here is the release from Yamaha:

Yamaha has produced the best-ever WR250F for 2025, a rider-friendly weapon that is lighter and slimmer with a lower centre of gravity. Quicker through tight turns and confidence-inspiring with high levels of grip at both ends. The engine produces trademark linear power with longer and stronger power throughout the range. In a nutshell, this new quarter-litre enduro racer is both the fastest and most fun WR250F yet.

This high-performance machine’s sweet handling and predictable nature shines through when the trail gets technical and your short enduro ride looks like turning into a long mission. Because WRFs are developed and tested by Aussie riders for our local conditions and riding style.

The new 2025 WR250F is based on the latest successful YZ250F machine which is currently leading the AMA MX Championship thanks to Haiden Deegan. In Australia the WR250F has proven a top enduro performer under ShopYamaha Off-Road team rider Kyron Bacon. In line with recent changes made to the MX models, the 2025 WR250F now has a new frame, suspension settings and the engine mounts have been optimised for enduro racing and fast bush riding. In particular, the centre of gravity has been lowered resulting in improved cornering on forest trails where a competitive advantage is often found. The new bilateral beam frame has been developed with rider feedback to ensure a rigidity balance for excellent handling, turning and impact absorption. New design cylinder head mounts are specified along with new front engine mounts that are formed with two metal plates of different thickness. These parts help achieve the right chassis balance for confidence and stability on gnarly tracks.

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2025 WR250F

Similar to the YZ250F, the MY25 WR250F produces high power levels across the rev range. Delivery is unique to the enduro model thanks to a new intake system and ECU settings. A new airflow management system allows clean air to enter from different positions such as the shrouds, tank and seat. A new lightweight airbox combines with a new rounded air filter for increased airflow. The new air intake system, airbox and filter reduce weight and contribute to engine performance, linear power delivery and rideability. Other engine changes include a new camchain for reduced friction losses. The new chain is around 2mm wider to reduce surface pressure when meshing with the gears. Camchain dampers, sprockets and tensioner settings are all optimised.

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New air intake system, airbox and filter

The 2025 WR250F also features a new shorter muffler that improves handling due to mass centralisation. And changes made to the electric starter system allow instant and consistent push-button starting in various conditions. The seat is now flatter, slimmer and has a more rounded profile. The new riding position provides 10mm more legroom, while the bars are moved forward one pipe width. The new seat’s height difference front to rear is reduced by 15mm. The seat’s edges are rounded to increase riding position freedom – allowing better movement front to rear, easier leg extension and improved seating to standing transition. Shrouds are 50mm narrower to further help the rider move around and so improve handling. New progressive travel 300mm forks are optimised for off-road performance and contribute to a lower centre of gravity. The spring rate and damping gain model-specific settings and the compression damping adjustments can now be changed by hand.

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2025 WR250F

The rear suspension’s damping has also been optimised, and the progressive 306mm travel rear suspension shares the same role as the front in lowering the centre of gravity. These suspension changes increase the feeling of stability during cornering and allow the bike to easily carve through tight turns. In addition, the surface area of the fork guards has been widened to help prevent scratches and other damage to the inner tubes of the front suspension, while stronger dust seals reduce the potential for fork oil leaks. A lighter rear wheel hub is specified to save weight and the axle diameter has been increased from 22mm to 25mm for added strength. The spokes have also been changed from a two-cross arrangement to a three-cross layout. The new spokes improve feel during shock absorption and aid traction. Together with the lighter rear wheel hub, the rear end offers great handling and feedback from the surface for a supreme ride experience.

A new rear fender has been designed for easier grip when picking up the bike with the underside shaped to fit fingers. The top of the fender is also made smoother where the rider’s hands come in contact to make it easier to grip. The fender’s right side has a stopper shape to visually indicate where it can be gripped. There are many other new parts on the 2025 WR250F, most of which are specified to save weight. The combined changes result in a 2kg weight reduction with the MY25 WR250F tipping the scales at 113kg wet with all fluids and a full tank*. 

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2025 WR250F

Other changes include: 

» Exhaust header protector 

» Lightweight thin gauge throttle cable and new throttle grip design 

» Subframe that now uses battery box rigidity 

» Slimmer fuel tank – 7.4 litre capacity 

» Aluminium footpeg brackets – changed from steel 

» Smaller PVC plastic handlebar pad » Lightweight Lithium-ion battery 

» Electric starter motor 

» Ignition coil 

» Neutral switch with seven connection points (six on the current model) 

» Multi-function button – positioned on left handlebar 

» Clutch perch and cable retention 

» Updated main harness layout 

» WR model-specific ECU Power Tuner app for simple smartphone tuning The free Power Tuner app that operates via your smartphone has been updated with the following easy-to-use features: 

» Simple, intuitive tuning 

» Traction control with three intervention levels including OFF 

» Lap timer to assist the rider 

2025 Wr250f Dpbse Aus Det 041
Yamaha Power Tuning app

The new WR250F is specced with high-grip Dunlop EN91 FIM tyres and comes with an aluminium side stand, 18-inch rear wheel, and radiator fan for cool running when the trails turn technical. 

Other features that have been retained for MY25 include: 

Engine Features

» 249cc liquid-cooled DOHC, 4-valve-percylinder fuel-injected engine 

» Forged piston with twin piston rings 

» Titanium intake and exhaust valves 

» Nickel-chromoly steel connecting rod 

» Balancer to reduce vibration felt by the rider (optimised weight) 

» Downdraft intake 

» Aluminium-walled throttle joint that promotes fuel atomisation 

» Denso 12-hole fuel injector 

» Exhaust pipe with excellent pulse effect 

» Large-diameter clutch and shift cam with excellent operability 

» Wide-ratio six-speed transmission 

* Wet weight is measured in off-road spec with all fluids including 7.4 litres of fuel.

2025 Wr250f Dpbse Aus Det 031
Barkbusters handguards come standard


» Lightweight DID rims and 18-inch rear tyre » KYB inverted spring-type front suspension and KYB shock absorber with linked-type Monocross rear suspension 

» High-strength axle brackets 

» Highly rigid and easy-to-grip rear fender » Forged aluminium sidestand 

» Sealed O-ring chain Electrics 

» Electric starter 

» Power Tuner app compatibility – now featuring traction control 

» ECU map switch – can change between Map 1 and Map 2 on the fly 

» Double electrode type spark plug – uses level 8 heat-rated plug 

» H4 headlight and LED taillight 

» Fuel economy indicator, speedometer, fuel level warning lamp 

» Lightweight Lithium-Ion battery 

2025 Wr250f Dpbse Aus Act 020
2025 WR250F

To recap, here are the main new features of the 2025 WR250F: 

» New frame design to support handling and shock-absorption performance, along with new model specific engine mounts 

» New airflow management design 

» Compact shrouds, flat seat, and other exterior parts that contribute to greater freedom of riding position 

» Lightweight hubs and three-cross spoke arrangement for better feeling of shock absorption and traction 

» Lower centre of gravity for better cornering 

» Hand-operated front suspension compression damping adjusters 

» Lightweight air cleaner box with rear-facing duct contributes to linear power delivery 

» Camchain and tensioner with low friction loss 

» Easy-to-use Power Tuner smartphone app

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