Whiskeythrottle Grande

If you haven’t caught up with the Whiskey Throttle show on YouTube or Podcast yet we recommend you take the time.  Hosted by David Pingree and Grant langston, the show is a live interview format with a single guest. The show is in its early days but the line-up so far has been super impressive and entertaining, with the Roger deCoster interview being our favourite thus far but it’s hard to call a winner.

Ping and Langston are relaxed with each other and there’s none of the super bro-down in-jokes that tend to saturate some of the other similar moto shows. Both are honest with their views on any topic and both are bloody funny dudes too. And there are plenty of laughs in the show. The Jeff Emig interview gets pretty out there as the Jamison bottle is drained!

Check it out on youTube or via Podcast  – we binged them all and can’t wait for the next which is going to be Ben Townley. Bring it on.

Damien Ashenhurst
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