Milner Isde
Daniel Milner Photo: John Pearson

After two days of enduro action Australia’s Senior and Womens teams have charged to the top, while the Australian Junior World Trophy team has climbed into fourth position.

World Trophy Team
Day one for the Australian World Trophy Team saw all four riders set a cracking pace, with Team USA leading by roughly four seconds overall. Upon reflecting on this short distance separating Australia from top position on the leader board, the team came into day two with a point to prove. The determination and perseverance of Team Australia shone through, as the Australian World Trophy Team knocked Team USA off their first-place perch, setting a cracking lead of just over 91 seconds! Daniel Milner set the pace, clocking in the fastest time of 54:56.44, which has now put him in first position overall. Daniel Sanders came in hot on Milner’s heels, with a fastest time of 55:13.66, which moves him up the overall leader board to second position. Closing off the day with a fastest time of 56:46.34 was Joshua Strang, who now sits at 14th position overall. Unfortunately, Lyndon Snodgrass did not finish day two due to a bike malfunction as is now out for the remaining four days.

Leading the charge for the World Trophy Team, Milner sat down with Motorcycling Australia to reflect on today’s events, explaining; “I was on the first minute and didn’t have the dust ball in front of me, so it worked out really well! The team is going strong and “Chucky” and Josh are riding really well. Lyndon was doing fantastic too but unfortunately had a malfunction and is now out for the rest of the race. It means we’ve lost our joker rider, so the three of us have got to make sure we get out clean for the remaining four days and avoid any problems. We are also so lucky to have our supporters and surrounding team, who are really looking after us and helping us get the job done!”

Women’s World Trophy Team
Looking to the Australian Women’s World Trophy Team, day two was another scorcher on the track and the leader board, as the team maintained their first-place position ahead of USA, Spain, France and Sweden. Australia now leads the ISDE ahead of Team USA by just over three minutes, cementing their currently unrivalled teamwork and Enduro skills on an international platform. Following on from day one, Tayla Jones clocked in the fastest time for the team of 1:02:44.29, placing her in first position overall. Jessica Gardiner scored the second fastest time for the team of 1:05:11.03, and now sits in fourth position overall. This is an improvement for Gardiner, who took some time on Monday to find her feet and adjust to the challenging conditions. Debutante Mackenzie Tricker had another fantastic day, whose efforts have placed her in at seventh position overall.
Reflecting on the team efforts today in maintaining a secure lead ahead of Team USA, Gardiner noted; “Personally I rode much better today. There were still a few little mistakes in the test, but I definitely had a bit more fun on the bike today and found a better headspace. Of course, this is a team event and everyone is really working hard on the controls. Tayla and Mackenzie have ridden really well today as well, thankfully, and extended our lead quite a lot. So, fingers crossed we keep the ball rolling and keep it moving!”

Junior World Trophy Team
Climbing on up the leader board in the Junior Trophy Class in day two was the Australian Junior World Trophy Team, who fought through tough, dusty and slippery conditions to knock Chile off its perch to take fourth position. Ahead of Australia is Italy in first place, followed by USA and France, who the Australian Junior World Trophy Team currently trail by just under two minutes. Clocking in the fastest time for the team was Fraser Higlett with 57:12.50, placing him now at 26th position overall. Following close behind Higlett was Thomas Mason with a fastest time of 58:24.45, sitting now 42nd position overall. Rounding out the juniors is Andrew Wilksch, who came in hot behind Mason with a fastest time of 58:38.44, and now sits 44th position overall. The determination of the Australian Junior World Trophy Team has been impressive, setting a clear tone for their remaining four days at the ISDE against France, USA and Italy.

Tomorrow, day three will take competitors inland on a new course offering a mixture of hard packed and rocky, mountainous terrains. The proposed two laps and six special tests will total three-hundred kilometres of riding and push riders to their limit as they manage the high heats and keep their bikes running steady!

World Trophy Team
Daniel Milner
Daniel Sanders
Lyndon Snodgrass
Joshua Strang

Women’s World Trophy Team
Jessica Gardiner
Tayla Jones
Mackenzie Tricker

Junior World Trophy Team
Fraser Higlett
Tom Mason
Andrew Wilksch

Team Manager – Don Atkins