For many years, the gap between the Yamaha Pee Wee and TT-R range has forced young Yamaha fans to switch brands for a 65cc race machine. That has now changed with the announcement of the Yamaha YZ65!

Yamaha’s YZ65 is the next level after the PW50 and TT-R series mini-bikes, opening up the wonderful world of off-road motorcycling to younger riders and their families – an ideal entry-level motocross sport for the champions of tomorrow. Equipped with the best components, the YZ65 rider is able to harness the true potential of the racetrack – and by upgrading to larger YZ motorcycles, as well as the bLU cRU rider program, riders can start their careers and race through the different classes work your way up to the top of motocross racing.


Quiet, powerful and easy to drive 65 cc engine

The new YZ65 is powered by a newly developed, liquid-cooled, 65 cc two-stroke engine utilizing a race-proven crankcase diaphragm valve system to ensure outstanding and instant throttle response across the full range of powertrains. In addition, a digital CDI system provides precise ignition and assistance in monitoring engine speed.

The YZ65 exhaust port features a Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) that delivers smooth power delivery and high torque for increased power at low to medium engine speeds. An easily maneuverable six-speed gearbox allows the YZ65 rider to get the most out of various tracks.

In addition to providing dynamic and easily available performance with a winning performance, the YZ65 gives drivers and their parents the certainty of having one of the toughest and most reliable models in the category at the start. This is ensured by the use of a powerful but compact radiator with optimized hose routing to provide maximum cooling efficiency, even under the most demanding racing conditions.

Yamaha YZ65 Video

Simple and first-class handling

To give the YZ65 rider the best possible use of the powerful new engine, Yamaha engineers have developed a brand new frame with a removable aluminum rear frame and aluminum swingarm that provides lightweight, high-quality handling and flexibility.

These suspension components are reinforced by 60/100 14 “front tires and 80/100 12” rear tires. The YZ65 comes standard with wave-style sport-style rotors that are lighter than conventional discs and offer better self-cleaning properties in dirt and grime.


First-class spring elements front and rear

For exceptional handling with effective shock absorption, the new YZ65 features high quality 36mm KYB forks for a truly superior ride for confident cornering. Thanks to its full range of settings, the racing DNA front section can be easily adapted to different track conditions and riding styles.

The aluminum swingarm in conjunction with the monocross rear suspension ensures effortless and stable handling. Both are designed for maximum ride comfort. The non-deflecting suspension system minimizes routine maintenance requirements and prevents punctures even on the most demanding circuits. The driver therefore always has full control over his bike.


Maximum control

The YZ65 has been designed to be a complete package engine performance for winners with flexible handling and first-class ruggedness. The seat profile and trim have been designed to allow the rider to quickly and easily adjust his driving position for full control of braking, acceleration and cornering, whether sitting or standing. The YZ65’s four-position adjustable cone-shaped handlebar can be adjusted to a variety of riders of varying sizes and body types.

Pure YZ racing genes

The new YZ65 comes standard with pure YZ racing genes. Their Race Rubber trim, aggressive trim and blue rims were inspired by the Yamaha YZ450FM MXGP, and all the key features of this junior rider’s motocross bike have been developed by the same engineers who have also worked on the company’s other YZ racing machines.

Technical highlights of the YZ65

  • Powerful, new 65 cc engine with liquid cooling, YPVS and digital CDI system
  • High quality overall package, achievement for winners
  • Optimized intake and exhaust system, instant performance
  • Six-speed gearbox with light-weight clutch
  • Steel double-loop frame, aluminum frame tail
  • Upside-down telescopic fork with 36 mm diameter
  • KYB monocross suspension, aluminum swingarm
  • 60/100 14 “front tires and 80/100 12” rear tires
  • Sporty, wave-style brake discs with improved self-cleaning properties
  • Conical handlebar, aluminum fork bridge
  • Ergonomic seat for easy weight transfer
  • Light aluminum rims in Yamaha Blue
  • Trim parts inspired by the YZ450F