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Viral Brand launched in the USA in 2015 with a mission to provide desirable quality eye protection to two-wheeled dirt enthusiasts. Whilst there is a good choice of off road gear and goggles available now that are fashionable and do offer eye protection, Viral Brand goggles go the extra mile by also offering the perfect fit. Company founder Scott Steffy has spent a lifetime at the racetrack, both racing and helping other racers including the BPR AMA SX team and this industry experience is what has lead Scott to create a goggle so comfortable that riders / racers don’t want
to take them off.


Introducing the Viral Brand Factory Series.
Having the perfect fit means completely sealing the face so no dirt can get in when you’re getting roosted while racing to the first turn, but at the same time making them so comfortable you can forget you’re even wearing goggles. One of Viral’s first test riders in Australia – WA’s current MX2 champion David Birch said “I only noticed how good the fit was after a few laps when it got really rough but never put any pressure on my nose or affected my breathing!”.
The perfect fit is achieved by using a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) flex frame that perfectly contours to any face, yet offers enough rigidity to avoid any lifting. And the 4-layer foam system which finishes the seal against your face and filters out dust/dirt with a polyurethane base foam in conjunction with a high-density neoprene fit foam, a large cell polyurethane foam and a final soft microfleece layer to wick away sweat.
The factory series goggle also features a removable nose guard, a mirror lens as standard, a large 45mm embroidered strap, 3 runs of non-slip silicone on the strap and a replacement clear lens is also included. Plus there is also a 10 pack of tear-offs and a goggle bag in the deal. All for just $109.95

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Viral are so confident in the fit of the goggle, that they also offer the Viral Brand Best Fit Challenge in Australia. You get 30 days to try them and if you don’t think they are the best fitting goggle you’ve ever had, you can send them back for a full refund.

So if you’re a MX or Off-Road rider and want to take part in the Viral Brand Best Fit Challenge,
head to to find out how to get involved.