The SX2 class of the Australian Supercross Championship has been blown wide-open with current points-leader Gavin Faith returning to the US. Although Faith holds only a slim two-point lead currently, this is sure to light fire under the remaining SX2 Championship competitors.

“Unfortunately I’m heading back to America today to get my wrist operated on. I had a bad crash in my heat race a few weeks ago in Baccus Marsh breaking my wrist and tearing 4 ligaments. As much as I want to keep racing and hang on to the red plate, the pain has gotten to be unbearable and I need to look out for my own heath. I want to thank everyone that has been a part of the program.” Finished Faith.

With Faith removed from the equation, the series heads to round 4 in Sydney with the title still well up for grabs.
2nd 2 Wilson TODD 61
3rd 1 Jackson RICHARDSON 59
4th 64 Dylan WILLS 52
5th 6 Jay WILSON 47