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2025 BETA XTrainer

As the ever-popular Beta Xtrainer range commences into its eleventh year of production, it is celebrated with a sharp new look, featuring grey plastics to complement the iconic Italian red frame. This new look separates the Xtrainer range from the other enduro range options from the Italian, Rignano sull’Arno-based manufacturer. The XTrainer has been the number one selling entry-level enduro bike in many countries, which is no surprise due to the ease of riding the range delivers compared to larger, bulkier enduro models. The bike’s smaller chassis, paired with its confidence-inspiring low seat height and weight, makes the Xtrainer the perfect do-it-all, go-anywhere enduro bike, capable of tackling the tightest and toughest of trails. The power from the liquid-cooled engine is almost electric-like, providing a seamless power delivery with just the right amount of power and torque. Rideability has been Beta’s tagline and manufacturing philosophy for over fifteen years, and the 2025 Xtrainer is the epitome of this.

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BETA XTrainer is all about rideability

Below are a few features that make up this popular enduro model: 

Chassis: At just 99kg (dry), it’s a lighter and more compact package compared to a full-size Enduro bike; the Xtrainer is designed for riders of all skill levels. 

Seat height: Lower seat height (910mm) ensures confidence. 

Brakes: Same brake package as RR models, Nissin, with discs measuring 260 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear. 

Battery: Lightweight, high-performance lithium battery. 

Fork and Shock: R16V with 43 mm stanchions at the front and progressive leverage at the rear. The suspension can be fully customised. The fork offers adjustable spring pre-load and rebound, while the shock is adjustable in terms of spring pre-load, compression, and rebound dampening and is attached via a progressive linkage. 

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The Beta XTrainer is light and easy to handle in a wide range of conditions

Power Valve: The Beta Progressive exhaust valve can be externally adjusted by the rider, allowing engine performance to be effectively adapted to suit a variety of uses. 

Ignition Map switch with handlebar button: There are two positions (Sun or Rain) that adjust the engine power as needed. Sun mode is the faster engine map. The rain mode slows down the engine by roughly 20% for improved traction and control in wet conditions.

Fuel tank: Transparent tank with 8.8 litre capacity. 

Electronic Oil Injection: Located under the seat (easily opened at the touch of a button), eliminates the need for the oil-fuel premix. 

Soft tyres: Their soft compound and aggressive design guarantee grip in every situation and deliver a controlled response to the rider. 

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The fun factor is high riding the Beta XTrainer

Cooling fan: A cooling fan is mounted as standard equipment on all Xtrainer models to ensure the engine maintains the ideal running temperature, even on slower trails. 

Electric starter: Precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations. An optional back-up kick starter is available. 

Engine and clutch: The “Easy-Pull” diaphragm clutch has three different settings, allowing the rider to adjust the lever feel and progression to his or her liking. 

Electronic Key: Provides a safety system that prevents theft, with a unique coded key with a tether to be used as a safety shutoff when worn around the rider’s wrist. 

Availability: September 2024
Pricing: To be announced closer to arrival time.
For more info go to: www.betamotor.com.au