2021 Beta Rr 2

Beta Australia has announced their new generation of Beta motorcyles. The 2021 RR range is designed and assembled entirely at Betamotor’s Rignano sull’Arno premises.

In 2019, the world-renowned duo Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman achieved a double world victory unprecedented for Beta. Holcombe became E3 World Champion, while Freeman achieved the same result for the prestigious EnduroGP.

In addition to the tests performed in competition fields, the huge success of the RRs among enthusiasts all over the world has enabled Betamotor technicians to further test, develop, and improve the RR’s, resulting in a 2021 bike that is a mix of high quality, technological innovation, and riding pleasure.

This relentless quest for success which has been built on top level competitions, exhausting tests of Beta’s research and development team, and feedbacks from enthusiasts have made it possible to fine-tune and apply numerous improvements on the new RR’s. A more aggressive look and an all-red colouration are the icing on the cake for this Model Year ̶ with the Beta logo in centre stage on the radiator shrouds.

2021 Beta Rr 3

The new RR models in a nutshell:

RR 2T 125 –$11,495
The smallest bike in the Beta range, it is the lightest and easiest to handle. In pure racing style, it is suitable for both young riders coming up from the lower categories and more expert riders looking for a fun bike.

RR 2T 200 – $12,295
The chassis set-up and engine derived from its smaller sibling, ensuring it’s extremely light weight and excellent handling but with decidedly greater torque and power. Oil injection and an electric starter complete the package which is perfect for Enduro enthusiasts.

RR 2T 250 –$12,595
Ideal for those looking for a gentler 2-stroke bike with slightly less power and torque than top-of-the-range models to ensure excellent handling.

RR 2T 300 –$13,095
Made for those who appreciate a big engine with significant torque at any speed. Suitable for those who favor long gearing.

RR 4T 350 – $13,295
This is the easiest-to-handle bike in the 4-stroke model range; it favors high-rev riding yet retains a very linear power output.

RR 4T 390 – $13,595
With an ideal handling to power ratio, its winning feature lies in its outstanding traction.

RR 4T 430 – $13,795
A high-performance engine that is at its best when the rider exploits the long gearing and significant torque.

RR 4T 480 – $13,995
This bike best expresses itself in wide open spaces. Its characteristics are similar to the 430 model but with even greater torque and power, suitable for more expert and physically fit riders.

2021 Beta Rr

– Updated chassis in the steering head area and in the reinforced plates for improved feel and durability. The accessories supplied have been modified to provide better protection against wear.
– Improved rear subframe, more robust and durable.
– New side-panel mounting, for easier installation
– Updated tank cover cap for improved mounting.
– Renewed seat improved on both the base plate and the foam – now providing better support for a more comfortable ride.
– Optimization of the air filter box for improved waterproofing; new mounting in the filter inspection side panel for a more practical use.
– New electrical system, with improved charging efficiency.
– Upgrade of numerous internal components of the ZF fork, to further improve fluidity and reliability.
– New shock absorber setting to increase traction.
– Updated speedometer giving better reliability and precision.
– New bright red colouring and graphics.

2021 Beta Rr 4

Available from: August 2020