Beta Static 1

Our 2019 450 Enduro Shootout was one of the most exciting and anticipated tests we have done. We had a huge range of machines including the Beta RR430 – to read the full shootout, check out issue #228 of Dirt Action Magazine, on sale now.

After receiving a host of upgrades for the latest model iteration, the Beta RR 430 stands tall against the competition in terms of stock fittings and spec sheet comparos. The bike has one of the more unique ergo packages that takes a little to get used with a natural sitting position a little further back than most but good amount of room to move about and shift weight.

The RR 430 revs up quickly and while it doesn’t feel as torquey as the Yamaha, Sherco, KTM or Husky, it is a lively and fun bike on the open grass track section we had as part of our test loop. It’s not as aggressive as much of the competition and as such would suit somebody looking specifically for a more tame output from a big bore, or someone making the move up from a smaller capacity.

The Sachs ZF suspension is an improvement on the previous generation’s offerings and in combination with the steel frame the Beta gives a plush ride at average trail pace, only finding its limits when the pace picks up and things can get a little loose.

A lot of riders were blown away by how nimble the bike felt though which is certainly a nod to the company’s years of trials bike experience, and for some it was a top contender in the single trail.

Beta Inset


“Having ridden the Beta not too long ago I enjoyed watching the other guys come away impressed by a bike some had little knowledge of. For me the Beta had the fastest steering of all the bikes which was fun in the tightest sections. It had perhaps one of the mildest outputs and as such was easy to manage and I’d steer a few blokes I know who aren’t after a fire breather towards the RR. It lacks a bit of mongrel though, which I like in a 450 and the ZF suspension does a better job than the old Sachs but in comparison to what’s available it’s still got a way to go.”


“I’ve ridden a few Beta models in the past and have always been impressed. The RR430 is really at home in the tight single trails and on slower terrain, which our test loop featured quite a lot of. The suspension was soft and supple – with a definite focus on comfort over performance, which really plays into its strengths. The Engine on the Beta lacks some performance when compared some of the others in this test, but in my opinion, it’s a case of less is more with the Beta – it’s far from underpowered and never did I feel that the “faster” engines really provided any distinct advantage. For a rider who enjoys the single trail, gets a kick out of hill climbs, jumping rocks and logs, and generally enjoys the “snotty” stuff, the Beta would certainly be a bike I’d recommend.” 

It’s not as aggressive as much of the competition and as such would suit somebody looking specifically for a more tame output from a big bore


“I felt the beta handled the tight cornering in the trails well, it’s well suited to the tight and tricky terrain. The power matched the handling in the tight stuff, nice and smooth and easy to keep speed up. On the wide open grass track and the sand sections, I did feel like it lacked a little top-end power, but it’s a trade-off for such an easy to use engine when the going gets tough.”

Beta Main


“It was great to get the chance to ride this bike at the shootout. It’s a good enduro package; the engine was good, not quite as smooth as some of the bikes but not difficult to control. It did feel a little harsh as a whole package not necessarily just from the suspension, maybe a chassis/suspension combo. The bike weaved through single track and was stable on the faster sections. We are splitting hairs here, a great bike but maybe didn’t feel quite as refined as some of the other frontrunners in this class.”


“Very surprised when I rode this bike , overall a great bike, high points:

smooth power – mapping switch needs to be moved so it is easier to use but flattened the power nicely and is such  great feature that I probably would not buy a  bike without these days.

Bike has great ergo’s, seat super comfy, seat to peg, peg to seat ideal for me at 5 “ 10’

Good suspension, easy to ride in snotty stuff and surprisingly fast and tractable didn’t miss the extra capacity it has more than enough power for most people.”

Img 3200high


“The ergonomics of the bike felt a bit high, bars raised too high and seat too low for my height. The front felt really heavy to me, like it was glued to the track and made it hard to make fast little turns between trees. The bike delivers the power really smoothly and gives a lot of traction.”


“Speaking amongst the test riders, there was a common thread that the Beta’s chassis was the most agile and well-rounded of the test. Its ability to absorb bumps was superb as you faced the roughest sections of the track. It just has an ease about it when cornering, and a lightweight feel that has you flicking and sliding into corners that you were tippy toeing around on other manufactures. This however comes with a downside, as the bike becomes twitchy at higher speeds. The Beta is 20cc smaller than its competitors and it’s noticeable as the power delivery is comparatively soft when jumping off a 450. I found the bodywork on the right rear of the bike to have a strange profile that caught the top of my boot on occasion. Although I did get used to this, it remained apparent for the entire time I spent on the bike.”