A trip to the DIRT ACTION Amcross could be the best dirty weekend you’ve ever had.

If there was a fan-club for the DIRT ACTION Amcross Series, I’m the chairman of the committee. There’s little I enjoy more than a weekend in a sleepy country town and a day of full-throttle grass track action. So, what exactly is the DIRT ACTION Amcross and how do you get involved? Read on…

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The DIRT ACTION Amcross is a six-round grass track series run in NSW. The tracks are wide-open natural-terrain circuits, remember Thumper Nats? These tracks are very similar to those circuits. They start as a pristine paddock and a big snaking grass track is bunted out, no jumps, nothing manmade – pure natural terrain fun. Every round is a two-day event that caters for both juniors and seniors, the juniors race Saturday with the inclusion of a Parent’s class. The Parent’s class allows families to just spend one day at the track, save some money on accommodation but mum or dad still get to have a ride. On the Sunday, there are a range of classes to suit every rider from the serious under-19s competitor, to the over-55’s rider cruising around on his DR-Z.


If you are used to a more serious state-level event or even a club day, you’re going to be presented with a very casual environment at Amcross. Everyone is smiling, kicking-back under their pit shades and chatting with the folks next to them. Amcross has a very casual vibe, it’s low-key and it makes for an extremely enjoyable race weekend.

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In 2018, the DIRT ACTION Amcross will kick-off in Tharwa, just outside of Canberra and then travel to Cooma, Wagga, Bega, Goulburn and finish the season off in Appin. To compete, you need to be a member of one of the participating clubs and either hold a club level race licence or compete using a one-event licence. Entries go live at amcross.com.au around six weeks prior to the round commencing. Some of the events allow camping at the track which makes for an epic night around the camp fire. Otherwise, you’ll find most towns get right behind the event. Head to the local pub, grab a schnitty, a beer, watch a band and help inject some cash into the town.
You don’t need to be a pro racer, or even to have entered a race before at all to have a crack at an Amcross. The natural terrain caters for all levels of rider. A few years ago one of my mates, who had never entered a race, lined up at age 28. He had a crack at one round and we ended up travelling together to the rest of the series, slowly getting faster and more competitive along the way. It was great to see him enjoying riding so much.
The flashiest race bike isn’t necessary to compete in the series. There are a solid mixture of full-blown race bikes and ten year old enduro bikes that turn up to Amcross. As long as your bike is in raceable condition, has a class available and will pass scrutineering, you can enter an Amcross event. Make sure your spokes are tight and your handlebars plugged, or you’ll be heading back to the pits if your bike gets pinged.



We will be at the 2018 DIRT ACTON Amcross rounds so make sure you come and say G,day!