Looks like you’re having the time of your life at the moment Rhys! Why have you headed to the states?
We decided to race Mammoth Motocross to see how I am against the current American racers. It will be good to see what i have to work on, but also I’m here to have some fun!


Your bike was prepped at Geico Honda – that’s something pretty special – how was that place?
Yeah the Geico factory was awesome. I haven’t seen anything like it before, I really have to put out a big thanks to them for lending a me a bike to ride and race while we are over here.


I’ve seen plenty of videos of you riding on social media, What are the tracks like that you’ve been riding?
The tracks are sick! They flow really well and they form up some good ruts and bumps. It’s also been really good because you get a lot of fast people who ride there – so you can pick up some lines and speed from them.

What’s your goal for Mammoth?
The goal is always to win. But honestly, I would be stoked with a podium. Hopefully I can pick up a ride over here – it would be awesome.

We’ve seen guys like Hunter and Jett Lawrence pack up young and head overseas with great success – is that the ultimate goal?
Yeah for sure. My team, my family and also myself have all worked hard enough – so we want to achieve that goal.

Best of luck mate! 
Thanks! Can I also thank Honda Australia, Lee Hogan, Tim Vare and Geico for this amazing opportunity!

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