The newest goggle in Dragon’s NFX range, the NFX2 is not only one of the most fashionable pair of goggles on the market, but one of the most technologically advanced. The first thing I noticed when I put the Dragon NFX2 on was the firm fit on my face, the outriggers allow the goggle to seal well around the face. My large nose does brush on the guard however, which is removable. Dragon’s frameless technology is featured on the NFX2 goggle, as is the injected dual all-weather anti-fog treated fog treated lens, armoured venting, premium quad-foam technology, silicone beaded strap backing, removable nose guard and extra wide peripheral view. Changing lenses is a breeze with the Dragon NFX2 goggles. Switftlock Lens Technology allows the lens to be changed within seconds, simply flip the lever up to release the lens, pop the new one in and lock it in. The goggles came with a protective clear layer, almost like a tear-off, which I wish I had fitted to the mirror lens. I copped a rock in the lens and scratched it pretty badly, so when you buy a pair – make sure you fit it! Try a pair in your local dealer – you won’t regret it.
• Swiftlock Lens Change System
• Patented Frameless Technology
• Integrated Removable Outrigger
• Injected Dual All Weather Anti-Fog Treated Lens
• Armoured Venting
• Premium Quad Foam Technology
• Silicone Beaded Strap Backing
• Removable Nose Guard
• Extra Wide Peripheral View
• Medium Fit