Gear Review: Acerbis X-Strong Knee Guard



I’ve been punishing a pair of the Acerbis X-Strong knee guards for more than six months now and they are still powering like the first day I got them. In the past I’ve tried other knee guards and at this point they are usually cracked, missing screws and ready for retirement. The guys at Acerbic haven’t held back the guards, which have double articulated hinges to ensure you have great movement. However, they offer great torsional stiffness, which is what you’re looking for in a knee guard or knee brace. The braces are lined with durable high-impact foam and the Velcro on the fastenings is still working like new. So if you’re on a budget like me and can’t afford the expense or don’t like the bulkiness of a knee brace, you’ve got to consider a pair of these knee guards. At $159.95 they come with a pair of knee socks for your comfort and a bag to store them in. $159.95 — Greg Masters