Product Review: Domino MX Soft Dual Compound Grip


Domino makes a premium grip and this new addition is no exception. It’s a dual-compound-style grip with the usual firmer rubber as a base and a slightly softer compound on the outside where your hand contacts the grip. On this particular grip, the softer compound has a slight pyramid-style pattern on it which helps reduce vibration and also offers a very slight amount of cushioning. The same pattern also makes the grip slightly fatter in your hand than a slim single-compound grip but it’s not excessive at all and didn’t result in any more arm pump than usual. Domino grips have a very solid end on them that will actually survive the odd crash in a corner. The donut end of the grip where your thumb makes contact seems soft enough that it won’t wear a hole in you. The detail and finish is second to none; from the slots in the grip for safety wire to the cut-out logo it’s hard to pick a fault. If you are after a high-quality set of grips, these are for you. — Shane Booth

RRP: $29.95